Sorry I took a break there I dont know what’s been going on but I feel fucking good I guess. I dont know I guess I didnt have much to fucking say and I didnt want to bore you. I had to get a fucking job. I work part time at a fucking coffee shop now and part time test tutoring it fucking sucks! West Coast is tapped the fuck out for me I think I need to leave the fucking country start fresh somewhere else I mean fuck it really. Or maybe start moving east. Maybe not the fucking east coast, that’s never been my fucking style and i hear they barely fucking cuss over there and shit but fuck maybe I could do the midwest or one of the central fucking states. Or shit I could fucking head south since even the south east doesnt fucking count as the east coast. Shit could you fucking imagine me tearing it up in florida like a mother fucker my god! I should fucking write some funny ass memoirs for y’all I think you’d fucking love them and laugh. Fuck I feel like Molly Bloom on this fucking rant with this shitty ass punctuation. Yes I know Molly didn’t use any shut the fuck up Im writing here bitch. My god this keyboard is a rude mother fucker jumping in my fucking mind midsentence like I aint currently writing shit. Jesus Christ cant you see Im fucking busy. I dont run up to you at work and ask you a million and five questions about why earthworms fucking crawl onto the fucking sidewalk during the rain when they die the next day cause it’s too fucking hot. Just stop okay, Im trying to talk here. My fucking god will you please just fucking stop.


Okay Im back to reality I fucking guess that was fucking fun. Hope everyone has been doing fucking well!


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