Found this article on Twitter from Buzzfeed (update article moved to Buffalo Rising). Really interesting stuff. Here is the introduction.

I signed my first book deal when I was working part time in the basement of a UPS store. It was for a novella I wrote a while back when I was a bookseller at a Barnes and Noble in Montana. At the time I was fresh out of college, and knew I wanted to become a writer. However, unlike other careers, simply writing author as an occupation does not guarantee a paycheck; and when I was compensated—usually via PayPal, the payments could be as little as $20 or a free contribution of an anthology. While it was discouraging at the time, the lessons I learned the first few months out of school have become invaluable to my career and I would like to share them with you.

To read the whole article (and actually read the fucking 8 tips) click this link http://www.buffalorising.com/2016/04/8-tips-for-indie-authors-in-advance-of-the-buffalo-small-press-book-fair/

Here listen to this fucking music video if you want something else to do


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