Ruthz SB is a children’s book author and illustrator since 2014. She lives with her husband and daughter in southern California. After a few years at work, she followed her passion – drawing and writing. Her favorite topics – cooking, astrology, music, nature, spirituality, friendship, vegan and life lessons.

IDK: When did you first start writing?

R: 2014

IDK: Tell us a little bit about your most recent book.

R: Evolution is the 10th vook in Balu Baldauf series, its a children’s book which introduce young children about the concept of creation, Darwin theory, and survival of the fittest.


IDK: Who are some of your non-literary inspirations?

R: My daughter, Swami Krishnanada

IDK: Have you ever fallen in love with a fictional character? (Television, movies, books).

R: From famous five to pretty little liars, I fall in love with most characters.

IDK: What is the first step in your writing process?

R: Idea flash

IDK: What is some advice you would give a person just starting their writing pursuits?

R: Just write and be thick skinned, it is going to take a while to even get the hang of it and improve everyday.

IDK: You are best friends with the main character of the last book you read. What would you two do first?

R: Ask a lot of questions over icecream

IDK: Do you have any upcoming projects?

R: Yes, I am doing a book for Sylva Fae’s children’s anthology. Also I’m working on a new children’s books series.

IDK: What are some of your non-writing activities?

R: Photography, baking, travel, and my baby keeps me busy.

IDK: Would you rather be a master of every musical instrument or be able to speak every language fluently?

R: Speak every language fluently

IDK: What was the first thing you ever got published? A poem, a story, an essay?

R: A school magazine and a cookbook

IDK: Any final thoughts you would like to leave for the readers?

R: Our kids need education, not facts! My books are a humble step in that direction. To be a writer is a time consuming and financially unrewarding job, the only thing that keeps us going is passion to share and reader feedback. Please support authors you would like to see in the future.

Website: www.ruthzsb.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ruthzsb
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ruthzsb
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/ruthz


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