I like to stay out of politics. In my lifetime I have supported members of both major parties and consider myself flexible. I don’t cut down a party line and always side with one direction because that’s no way to make progress. Whatever happened to taking things case by case and deciding for ourselves? Whatever happened to two sides to every story, innocent until proven guilty, and compromise?

It feels like we are more interested in becoming celebrities of gridlock than agents of change. Someone would rather stand on a mountain of rubble than move seamlessly into a better world. It is a fact people profit when things go wrong, and when things delay. Look no further than pay to delay agreements between major drug companies and generic brands. Look at the American Penny for Christ sake. It costs more than a cent to make a penny, why the fuck do we keep it in circulation?

I hate that we live in a world where presenting your political beliefs is confrontational. There are no discussions. There is bullying, name calling, and meme warfare but very little discussion and for the weak hearted and those who are anti-conflict (God bless you) they keep their opinions to themselves. When has that ever been healthy? When has repressing an individual part of yourself ever been the answer?

Apathy kills progress and the new movement towards big government now is either fanatical fear or apathy. Those who think the world will burn no matter what and do nothing to stop it are a major part of the problem. There is nothing these large companies love more than apathy. The more apathetic you are the more they can profit. The less money they need to spend to silence you. They are able to line as many pockets as they need to to stagnate our economy. That’s right, look at the numbers. Our economy is barely growing. It’s been like that since Reagan took office and has remained shitty through 5 presidents (including Reagan). 3 Republicans and 2 Democrats. The answers are not FUCKING party lines. The answers lie in thinking. Be fucking critical for once. Don’t be a bully, analyze what the fuck is out there and start taking things case by case.

When we stop thinking in absolutes we will start seeing progress. Cornel West once wrote two things destroy democracy: Poverty and Paranoia. Don’t fall victim to fear, and that includes fears of your own beliefs. We need to open dialogue. And YES that means we need to have a serious look at this PC culture to see how it is damaging as well.

-Fuck it


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