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Some people just don’t fit one genre. They are just creator of music. I had the pleasure of interviewing one of those one man orchestras.

“Self-made symphony, bout to change the industry.” This line taken from his irony-laced song “Just a Rapper…?” is a personal testimony of Virginia native JDVBBS (pronounced Jay-Dubs) and his approach to music. Whether he’s putting his years of vocal study to work, flexing his lyrical muscle with his absurd rhyme cadence, or incorporating a diverse array of production skills into his tracks, JDVBBS offers an eclectic musical experience for listeners.

IDK: When did you first start creating music?

JD: I first started tinkering around with the piano around the age of 8 or 9. My mom didn’t know if I was gonna be invested in it so she never signed me up for piano lessons. I made my first beat in fruity loops using a sample of the X-Men animated series. I wrote my first bars over that beat. I didn’t consider myself a strong singer until college so I didn’t write my first sung songs until about 21 or 22.

IDK: Tell us a little bit about your most recent project.

JD: I spent most of early 2015 on the road and late 2015 producing remixes for other local artists. My absolute favorite was the remix I did for Sunny & Gabe’s “Godzilla”.

IDK: Who are some of your non-musical inspirations?

JD: I’m a big sports fan. I enjoy how hard of a worker you have to be in order to have a prolonged career and to have a versatile career. I’m a niners fan and Jerry Rice is both my favorite and the best player to ever touch a football and he played 20 seasons. It really inspires me to make sure I have a LONG career, especially in this music industry climate where it’s easy to be here today and gone tomorrow.

IDK: Who is one artist outside your genre you would love to collab with?

JD: Oddly enough, I’m a huge Sara Bareilles fan. I did a lot of college a cappella when I was at James Madison University and that’s how she got her start as well. I think we could work really well together.

IDK: What is the first step in your creative process?

JD: Any time an idea comes to mind, it’s got to FEEL good. I can see or hear something and it’ll send me into a creative frenzy. Sometimes things just feel good, their syllabic rhythms or the way the chord structures fit together. Some stuff is catchy, or it’s experimental, but if it doesn’t feel good, I won’t stick with that original idea.

IDK: What is some advice you would give a person just starting their musical pursuits?

JD: Patience. I struggle with it ALL the time. I often wish I had started earlier or wish I was immediately famous but this year I’ve really tried to hone in on building something with longevity. So I’m just biding my time until everything sounds and feels right.

IDK: You are best friends with the main character of the last television show you watched. What would you two do first?

JD: Lol, the last show I watched was Curb Your Enthusiasm. So I would venture to guess Larry David and I would be on our way to do something mundane (get gas, go grocery shopping, etc). He would find a way to into a screaming match with a passerby over the most insignificant thing and it would last an hour. Then that scenario would haunt us for the rest of the day.

IDK: Do you have any upcoming projects?

JD: I’m in the process of recording my first full-length album. I want to talk about it more because I’m SO excited about it not all the details are flushed out quite yet. I will say, though, that it’s the best musical creation I’ve ever made.

IDK: What are some of your non-musical activities?

JD: I’m an avid football and basketball fan and I enjoy a good video game. I’m embarrassingly good at every version of Mariokart ever made and I will extend the challenge to anyone who wants to be ridiculed.

IDK: Would you rather be a master of every musical instrument or be able to speak every language fluently?

JD: Interesting question. I maintain the idea that music is the universal language. So regardless of which of these I obtained, I’d still be able to communicate with the world.

IDK: What was the first thing you ever got recorded?

JD: My brothers and I recorded a song for my mom for mother’s day 10+ years ago. We were all broke and didn’t have a way to give her anything. I had an old beat sampling Luther Vandross’ “Never Too Much” and kind’ve used that as the premise.

IDK: Any final thoughts you would like to leave for the readers?

JD: All of my music is going to be free this year so make sure you subscribe to the mailing list and follow me on social media so you can get the exclusives before anyone else!

Let me know if you need anything else homie! Thanks for the opportunity. Also I’m gonna be pushing an old single a lot over the next two weeks (starting Monday) so for cross promotional purposes, it may be good to get this up on your blog sooner than later so I can share it.


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