This edition of the IDK author feature I had the pleasure of interviewing Sharon Brownlie:

Sharon Brownlie was born in Malta in 1962. Her parents were in the Armed Forces and she spent her childhood travelling all around the world. As a mature adult she graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Master of Arts Hons degree in History and a PGCE. Sharon spent some years working in Adult Education.


IDK: When did you first start writing?

SB: It was in 1998 when I first started. Had my final draft finished and it sat there until it was picked up by an agent in 2010..well when I say picked up I mean after I had bombarded agents with a query letter for years….so never give up!

IDK: Tell us a little bit about your most recent book.

SB: Betrayal: The Consequences is a follow on from Betrayal. The main character, the serial killer of Betrayal, Book 1 explores her sanity and explains her reasoning for her crimes. It also brings the story to a close but you have to read it to find out how and why.

IDK: Have you ever fallen in love with a fictional character? (Television, movies, books).

SB: I wouldn’t say ‘love’ But I do have a fancy for Ley Jeffery Gibbs from N.C.I.S –  Mark Harmon. He’s intelligent and cute to go with it.

IDK: What is the first step in your writing process?

SB: Switching on my old trusted laptop and stare at the screen saying, ‘Come on woman, get the first word typed then you’re on your way!’ Of course I already have brainstormed my plot and characters, they remain at my side until my work is finished.

IDK: What is some advice you would give a person just starting their writing pursuits?

SB: Join a group, like a writing group or FaceBook group where authors hang out and if you need help or encouragement don’t be afraid to ask.

IDK: You are best friends with the main character of the last book you read. What would you two do first?

SB: Go find an editor. Just joking! I would grab his hand and head for the hills, it was a chilling ghost story!

IDK: Do you have any upcoming projects?

SB: Yes. I am writing a new Detective Inspector Brennan book and a non-fiction book about flashbacks and triggers surrounding childhood abuse, Coping Mechanisms

IDK: What are some of your non-writing activities?

SB: The ones I can tell you about are drawing and knitting – boring isn’t it! The ones I can’t tell….

IDK:  Would you rather be a master of every musical instrument or be able to speak every language fluently?

SB: I have to choose? I would love to be able to do both! Hmmm …….speak every language fluently.

IDK: What was the first thing you ever got published? A poem, a story, an essay?

SB: My non-fiction book, Never A Hero To Me under the name of Tracy Black and that was as late as 2011.

IDK: Any final thoughts you would like to leave for the readers?

SB: Immerse your selves in books and if possible share your thoughts about what you have read. Reviews mean a lot and authors rely on feedback.



If you are interested in finding Sharon’s work please check the following links:



Betrayal http://amzn.to/1OoXYlS

The Consequences http://amzn.to/236VReh



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