Did anyone else watch the NHL All-Star game? A performance that is usually a fucking gimmicky 22-20 performance turned into a fun event. Mad props to Bettman for making the weekend really entertaining. More so than that pathetic excuse for fucking entertainment Goodell tries to fucking serve us. I mean name one other sport that advertises its fucking commercials! The Super Bowl is halfway famous for its ability to sell a fucking ridiculous amount of ad space. What a fucking piece of shit! Fuck him!

The NHL All Star game was an exciting 3 vs 3 format, which I had my doubts about but it blew away my expectations and I was fucking engaged the whole fucking time. It was a tournament to between divisions instead of one game between two conferences and even though it was non-stop action, the games were close and loaded with skill.

I have so much respect for the that display. It’s fun watching players look like they’re having fun. I fucking hate Goodell!

That is all.


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