I just like continuous. Movement. Heading forward even if its a collision course I cut the brakes and refuse to skid. Every morning I wake up and force myself to get some writiung done. It doesnt matter how if it is complete and total shit I drag those shit stained words across the fucking page and smear it. Is this what I should be doing? They say exclusivity creates desire. Basic supply and demand jargon. Should I be making myself more exclusive? A little fake it til you make it bullshit; people will think Im the shit when really I’m just shit. Shit, maybe I fucking should. Who the fuck knows.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were just some sort of fucking formula for success in every industry so all you had to do is check off some fucking bullshit on a white board every day and know you’re moving in the right fucking direction? I mean damn, it fucking sucks that sometimes I think I am just investing all this fucking energy in some fucking thing that might not even fucking work! Just fuck!

Did everyone see my first interview? Pretty pumped. Went well, the author was mad cool! Fuck I like talking to cool people and authors are pretty hit or miss. Not trying to over simplify it but fuck there are some pretentious mother fuckers out there who don’t deserve to hold the mic.

Thankfully I got nothing but cool authors coming your way. Most are in the Indie scene so they’re all hungry as fuck and trying to make it. None of them think the world owes them anything they’re trying to do it on their own and I fucking respect that. I can fucking relate to it but I fucking respect it.

Just keep taking those fucking steps forward right? Then you end up at the fucking destination right? I guess fucking so. I’m on the fucking track now. Why turn around? Just keep fucking moving forward.


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