I always feel so awkward making eye contact but I have to do it. I dont know why. I dont like having someone stare at me and I dont stare back but then the person I accidentally stare it while Im day dreaming about my next fucking book is probably freaked the fuck out too.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just press your imagination under a hot iron and magically your manuscript is done? We would be fucking machines in the publishing world. Just lie on the bed and roll out with 300 pages. I could get used to that. Unfortunately writing is work, and hard work at that. It fucking sucks but I wouldnt have it any other way. Sadly it makes me fucking happy can you fucking believe that?

What would people say if I started having features on here? I was thinking about, in order to have a mass movement just a stable of 10 fucking questions I send them off and when people get back to me I post it with a picture of their fucking book and an author picture. What do you fucking think? Not a bad fucking idea huh? Yeah maybe I’ll fucking do it. Could be fucking fun. Would definitely create some fucking excitement and I’d actually be doing some fucking good on this fucking blog.

How is everyone’s goodreads challenge coming?

Yeah I’m fucking doing it. Maybe for my next post I will update the world on what shit I’m fucking reading.


Fuck yeah.


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