Yeah that’s damn right I am so tired of the excuses to procrastinate they are the most fucking obnoxious piece of shit excuses I have ever fucking heard. Oh I’ll start working out on Monday. No you wont mother fucker you keep fucking lying to yourself dipshit and keep fucking yourself over.


Stop fucking telling yourself you’ll do it later. Dont wait til november to write a fucking book or new years to get in shape. Dont wait til after Thanksgiving to cut out carbs and dont wait til the weekend to start reading a book. Mother fucker the time is fucking now. It fucking sucks that we dont get much fucking time on this planet. 52 weeks a year, 7 days a week and only 24 fucking hours a day. Then it’s your fucking birthday and you realize another fucking year of your fucking life blew the fuck by and you are still stuck in the fucking mud with your fucking dick in your hand pretending this is your fucking year?

Damn right I’m fucking pissed mother fuckers! I look back at all the fucking time I have fucking wasted and it’s fucking motivated me. This second, damn right, starting this fucking second, I am going for it, full fucking throttle. You better fucking get used to reading these posts because they’re coming often. I don’t care if I have to fucking find time to fucking write in the fucking shower. I’m fucking doing it!

If you can’t fucking tell, this is the wrong fucking blog to fucking follow if you have a fucking problem with fucking cussing mother fucker!

Anyway my fucking book is up for a fucking award and you should fucking vote for it dipshit


Nature of Pathetic. It’s a weird fucking short book of short stories and I fucking love it. If you like weird you will fucking like it too!

So here we fucking go. This is the face of IDK motivation. I big fucking middle finger stiff in the middle of your fucking screen.




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