I saw this article on www.collapsedlexicon.com and just thought I would share it.

Does it not feel like trudging towards a goal is a little useless? I mean at times I just wonder if it’s time to give up. Then I remember all that i have done to get to where I am and giving up seems more useless than continuing. Today we are going to talk about focus; the importance of pushing through to our goal even when all you want to do is rest your head on a clothing iron.

First thing you need to do is set up a goal. A common one is 1000 words per day. That’s a really nice minimum to have I would recommend it for anyone. It’s pretty easy to. If you focus it shouldn’t take you longer than 30 minutes to an hour. The problem is focussing. How van you get in the right mindset to write when all you want to do is anything but writing. Here are some ideas:

1) Write randomness and clear your head. Don’t think. Just do. Write the first thing you see and watch the events unfold on the page. You might even get a story out of it.

2) Play a set number of songs and once you reach that number you have to start writing.

3) Reward yourself for reaching your goal

4) Play a timed game and once time runs out start writing.

5) Tell yourself to write 500 words after an episode of Netflix. Repeat until you reach your goal.

6) Convince yourself the world will end if you do not reach your goal.

7) Don’t reach your goal and be a loser!

There you have it.Fight through that rut!


2 thoughts on “Break Out of It!

  1. First off: I think 5) is absolutely right: measuring time and progress in terms of Netflix episodes is legit, and I do it everyday. Secondly, I’m wondering what you do if you’ve managed to get 1000 words down, but it’s all utter shit? Wouldn’t you rather feel good about what you write, rather than aim for the amount?

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