It’s okay to lose your train of thought and move forward down the wrong track or no track at all. It’s fun to see just how far your mind wanders when you shut it down and give it control of the reigns. It’s also impressive. Is it me or do we live in a world where people just really don’t like giving up control of anything? Do we really not trust others at all? I mean sometimes I feel like if I asked someone to just breathe for me they would choose that moment to see how long they could hold their breath. It’s frustrating as all fuck. I hate interacting with others. I find their dribble to be the most obnoxious thing in the world. I hate hearing people try and talk about how legitimate they are because they tried something once, or they think their an expert because they read the summary of a buzzed article. They were too lazy to even read an abstract of a scholarly article.

Does anyone else have a problem with these people who think that they’re true artists because they focus on some obscure detail in their work that offers nothing to the narrative? I feel like they do it, not because they believe it matters, but just to say they’re doing it. Like it’s a check mark for some insignificant victory they can mentally give themselves that no one cares about for obvious reasons.

Such a false sense of entitlement and wisdom. Thinking they’re intelligent because they think of something that no one wants to do and pretend to be a genius. It’s like a skin care product claiming cyanide is good for your pores. Yeah no one thought about it because it’s so obviously a terrible idea that they don’t waste their fucking time you fucking idiot.

I hate arrogance. Let me correct that, I hate unchecked arrogance, particularly on those who have not earned it. In some situations I’ve seen it worn very well, but it’s a fine line. Less than a sneeze will send you over the edge and it takes a long time to climb back over. I can’t tell you how many people I have lost respect for because the talk like Trump. I’m not even talking politically, fuck that. I’m talking about nobodies who think that if they yell at others about how stupid they are, and brag about their accomplishments, even if they’re as small as heating oatmeal, that people should care about them. It’s like just because a few Kardashians made it big for doing nothing everyone thinks that’s what luxury is. I miss hearing about Hollywood fist fights over drinks and not Twitter fights. At least Nicki Minaj knows how to publicly call someone out when she has a problem; she doesn’t back down. From what I’ve seen it’s always a specific issue too, not some grandeur. It wasn’t grandstanding. Fuck I hate grandstanding. I hate it so much. I’m all for a soap box, but fuck grandstanding.

I guess it’s time to get back to work. Have a few projects in the making. Things you should all be pretty impressed by. They’re gonna kick some fucking ass.


-Fuck It


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