I really don’t understand the obsession with sports. Why do people genuinely think they are better than others when the team they cheer for wins. They think some how because an event that has no impact on their lives (a game).

The amount of trash talk the ensues is ridiculous. Why aren’t people more proud of their lives? They should be working towards a goal that actually makes them better than others instead of bragging about how they are a superior being because the teams they support win. Newsflash if your team wins a championship, all that means is that a bunch of people, who do not even know your name, are good at their job.

It really pisses me off when I try and make points on real issues and people feel the need to troll by saying “You’re a Hornets fan so I see why you hate life.” The teams I watch give me enjoyment for a couple hours a few days a week during a few months a year. They do not define me. If you define yourself as a sports fan I really am embarrassed for you.

Sorry if this sounds like a rant. I am currently watching netflix and not actually paying attention to the words I’m typing. I know what what I’m saying but I have no clue if this rant is even making sense, and I am counting on my browser to autocorrect because I am not actually looking at the screen or the keyboard.

Bottom line, sports seem to be making people lazy. If you are actually trying to say you are successful because a team you cheer for is doing well, you might as well say you’re successful because you paid a fortune teller to say you’re going to be a millionaire. They both have the same impact on your life, which is forgetting about reality for a short amount of time. How about, instead of dissing others for their sports teams you go after them for things that actually define them as a person. Discredit arguments based on what is said and not what jersey they wear. Or ya know keep being lazy. It’s not like things are going to change anyway. People will continue to think their lives are complete when they have a successful sports team, and once that team starts to fail they will realize how empty their lives are. Kinda sucks for them, because they will become the victims of taunting and instead of having a life and accomplishments to fall back on, they will have to remember the good old days hen they watched other people earn accomplishments through a television set.


Just lovely. Keep up the great work you fucking losers. Go fuck yourselves you fucking fucks. You are the most annoying human beings I have ever had to talk to. Side note, when your team wins, you don’t get to say “we won!” Because you literally did nothing for them. They won. You cheered for them but they won. You might as well be cheering for the stock market because at least that can have an effect on your life you fucking idiots.


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