I can’t believe the amount of hate I have received for offering my prayers to Paris. I mean how dare I feel sympathy for a city that just suffered a terrorist attack and is mourning the loss of over 100 people. I can’t believe that I am considered not liberal enough for my friends anymore because I had the audacity to question why they were sharing Nigeria and Kenyan tragedies that happened 6 months and almost a year ago. And then they got mad at me for calling them out for ignoring the bombings in Beirut and Baghdad. What this tells me is what I’ve known for a long time. Idiots don’t read the news anymore. Some may watch the occasional broadcast on television but none of these dumb-asses (liberal or conservative) actually  read the paper anymore. You know when I was mourning Kenya? In April, because I read about it in the Washington Post. Nigeria? I read that in the New York Times. And these are not hidden on the back pages like some of you have been claiming. No, they are right their on the front page, but since everyone relies on social media and trending for their news, they only see the top 10 viewed articles on the internet that day.

I am writing this piece to defend journalism. The media is not to blame for your ignorance. You are. If you actually go out of your way to read the news you will be informed. If you wait for news to trend you have no one to blame for your misinformation except yourselves. For those of you who do not know, the top trending stories have nothing to do with what is actually being reported. Journalists write the stories that matter on a daily basis. Trends are based solely on what we, the people, have deemed popular and unfortunately that will always mean some important stories will fall through the cracks and remain hidden from the general public.

So many people today are more interested in being an activist than actually being intelligent so they share everything on social media that they can find but they don’t do any research. If you actually want to make a difference, read. I swear it’s the only way you’ll actually know what’s going on. Start waking up at 6 in the morning, read the paper for 2 hours with a cup of coffee, then go to work or go to class by 8. It’s amazing how this small routine will put you light years ahead of your colleagues in world affairs.

In short, read more so you’re not ignorant. If you disagree with that thesis you are a major part of the problem.

-Fuck it


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