We all love a true under dog story, but if you think the Bills beating the Patriots now that Edelman is out will lead to the unlikely defeat of the juggernaut Patriots you are out of your mind. Not only have the Bills been under performing on defense all year, but they are going against the defending super bowl champs with the greatest quarterback of all time.

Keep your expectations realistic people. There is no way the 5-4 Bills have a chance in this game. None whatsoever. I had to write this article because I have been seeing people writing all over twitter that the Bills have a real shot and the Vegas odds are dropping. Yeah right! The Bills lost pretty easily to the Giants who just lost on a last second field goal to the Pats. The Pats are going to come out looking to embarrass the Bills to remind the league they aren’t to be slept on.

If you hate the Patriots, don’t worry. They’re going to go undefeated and lose to the Giants in the Super Bowl again. And if that does happen then we might as well stop watching football because it’s clearly scripted.

Since I am talking about the NFL I would like to say Fuck Goodell.

-Fuck it


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