I cannot begin to explain how excited I am for this movie. I am far from the biggest Star Wars nerd in the world but to say I am not a huge fan would be a fucking lie. And I am a terrible liar. I don’t even think I could say Star Wars is just okay without giggling. I even loved the prequels. I know a lot of people had issues with them but who are we to tell George Lucas what he can and can’t do with his franchise? My ego is not THAT big. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fucking huge, but it’s not that big.

Anyway, the new movie is coming out and it looks amazing. The trailers look terrific. I can really feel the magic returning to this franchise. This movie looks like it’s going to be an unbelievable winner. We already know it’s going to smash box office records. How can it not? Disney is proving that it has truly capable hands.

Also, who didn’t totally geek out after seeing Harrison Ford in the trailers? How can you not get excited about seeing an icon return to one of his most remembered roles and helping this franchise with its well deserving relaunch. I mean I’m not just excited to see Harrison Ford. I can’t tell if I am more excited to see the new movie or to see the old cast reunited.

However, I write this post for more than just an excuse to geek out over Star Wars. There are rumors that Luke Skywalker has fallen victim to the Dark Side. http://www.mnrdaily.com/article/star.wars.the.force.awakens.spoiler.luke.skywalker.the.bad.or.the.crazy.one/5296.htm

What a huge twist this would be!? What a ridiculously intriguing event. The golden boy of the force who fought to end the rule of the dark side falls victim to it? How could it be? He was given the opportunity to join with his father and destroy the emperor. How could he join now? What could possibly be more attractive than that offer? The war was won if he took the offer then and there.

I will say the fluidity of the moral compass is quite interesting. No one is safe from corruption except a few of the Jedi masters from the prequels. But everyone else is completely susceptible to the dark side, which makes the dynamics of the universe ever changing and ever interesting.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to watch the trailers a few more times and get overly excited for the release!

This is going to be amazing!

Star Wars Life!

Here are the trailers

Star Wars is back!


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