We are familiar with some of the bizarre antics Shia LaBeouf does in the name of art. His videos, motivational speeches, and human art display all capture trending headlines. In fact he appears to be a walking trend. Whenever he speaks strengthens his internet fame. People either love him or love to talk about him. Either way it helps his career and I have respect for a person who has been able to embrace their weird, non-traditional spotlight.

The new Shia LaBeouf attraction is a movie marathon. That’s right. He is literally taping himself watching all of his movies and encouraging people to watch the live stream. Don’t believe me? He here is a link to one of the youtube videos of him watching himself in the name of art. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efXh2R8QKnA

In case you’re wondering Shia LaBeouf is a big time actor. I know a lot of people are familiar with him as being that kid from Even Stevens who landed the Transformer role but he’s been in a lot of movies.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 4.57.11 AM Here is where I got that list from http://www.nme.com/filmandtv/news/shia-labeouf-livestreams-himself-watching-all-his-/392359

It does not matter if people criticize LaBeouf or embrace him, he is getting people talking. By my definition that is what art does so I have support for him. He is good at what he does and that is opening a dialogue and creating intrigue. Some might say it doesn’t take talent to do that, but handling criticism does take talent and he has done that brilliantly. We are all familiar with the low points he has hit. I will not bother to re-hatch those in this post. What I will say is he knows how to rebound. It appears he has found a way to give his work meaning and he is not letting go. And who are we to tell him to do so? I say keep on rocking Shia.

Louis Stevens will always be the man!

Also, good for him for leaving Holes and Even Stevens Movie for the last day. How can you not like those movies?


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