I love Apple products. They are absolutely the best device you can use at this time. They offer just about anything you could ever want. Any creative individual can launch their non-traditional career from a mac book with relative ease. I use them all the time. But are they a necessity or are we just lying to ourselves about their importance? To be honest, I am leaning more towards the former. Think about how much the work place has evolved since the development of the iPad? Tablets have taken over, especially when they added those keyboard attachments to make typing simpler. They are easy to store, take on business trips, and organize. Say what you want about Apple but they have completely changed the game. And now they are releasing their new model of the iPad. The iPad Pro is set to hit the markets, but more people are talking about the splashes it’s making over seas than the new features the device will actually offer.

What is happening with Apple in Australia? The new iPad will cost between $1299 and $1700 depending on the amount of GBs a person wants. That’s crazy? Am I so out of the loop to think that’s insane? When I google iPads I see I can get one for a couple hundred bucks. Is it an older model? Why would I want the newer model for 4 times the price?

Could it be that the Australian dollar is only worth 71 cents in the US? I mean that’s a huge difference. To put things in perspective the British Pound crushes the US Dollar ($1 equals 0.66 pence)

Word on the new iPad is that it’s BIG. But is size everything? Is it worth the money. I don’t know. I can’t see myself buying one. Why would I need one? I like typing on a computer. Apple makes a great product, but are they just updating annually because it’s expected and not because they’re actually coming up with new innovative ideas? It’s cool to have all these next generation items that have more room, and it’s great that last year’s models get cheaper, but is this just a rerelease with a slightly better product? Isn’t this the company that just charged over 100 dollars for a pencil?

Also are they going anywhere with the apple watch or is that done with development for a while? I don’t know. It’s a tech giant, and it’s going to take over the world. I’m okay with it. I just can’t believe how expensive it’s going to be.

I do love my apple products go. They are absolutely the best. Mac’s are the best.

As Tim Cook said, “Why would you buy a PC?” It’s true.They do not offer the same reliability that apple does. At least in my experience. Apple is just so much more expensive it’s ridiculous.

Now the iPad Pro, which is the new model that I started this article with, is supposed to replace the notebook? So Apple is trying to take over the work place.

I’m beginning to ramble,

I love apple, but it’s expensive as all heck

You can tell I am sleep deprived.

Go Apple!

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