The more you wait the more things disappear. Like opportunity. It just feeds the world and other people steal it away while you’re busy playing Xbox and watching television. Multi tasking is a valuable skill, why don’t more people perfect it? As I am writing this now I am watching television. What’e you doing? Anything? Nothing? I thought so. Be your own damn hero, shout out Matthew McConaughey for that wonderful Oscar speech when he won it.

Sometimes I spend half a day thinking of all the things I should do and end up just playing video games. What the fuck is wrong with me those days? Those are the worst. No, you should never be thinking about it, you should be doing. Think of how many artists you know who are talking about all the things they should be or cold be doing. Then all they do is make up excuses. “Oh I could so make it if I just did this like you-” Well you didn’t fucker. Try harder or tag out. Someone on the radio said there is nothing wrong with being normal. Well there is. If you don’t want to be, and you settle there is. If you say you don’t want to be, but your actions suggest otherwise, guess what? You do want to be. Or a larger part of you wants to be than doesn’t. I mean if success was really that important to you, you would be looking for every excuse to work not to blow it off.

That’s all I have to say on that. Don’t let your success decay. Don’t let others feed off your laziness or capitalize on something you started and don’t have the will to finish. Get the will to do it! Do it! Fucking work and fucking do it mother fuckers!

-Fuck it


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