I have had the pleasure of reading and finishing Just Under the Sky by R.K. Gold. If you would like to order your own copy in either PAPERBACK or KINDLE you can order by kicking the mode in which you’d like to read. Below is my review of the book.

I finished this book in one sitting. From the first page I was completely immersed in the text. Gold did an amazing job of creating a completely new world, and despite creating some fantastic and supernatural elements, he managed to make it believable. I was never left questioning why things happened, he tied all of the loose ends together. This book did an amazing job of bringing up themes like questioning all of your beliefs, and where you are in life. Thinking outside of the box, thinking about the direction your moving in life, and enjoying the time you are lost.

The character development is flawless, and he did an amazing job creating an entire village of fickle, fearful, naive, and despicable characters without giving them much screen time. Most of the book showed how even when Jasper was facing death, he had a better life away from the village.

Just Under the Sky also shows the importance of friendship and trust. No matter how lost Jasper and McMichaels got, they found each other and worked together to find a better life. If you want a deliberately written book, with strong allusions that tie it all together this is a book for you. No loose ends. Gold does a spectacular job showing all the evidence through actions, allowing the reader to walk along on the adventure with Jasper, instead of just being told about it.

5 stars! A must read for anyone. If you are looking to take a chance on a strong up and comer this is a book for you. Only $2.99 on Kindle, this is Gold’s debut novel and first traditionally published book.


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