I just feel lost sometimes with no direction to even look. Everything just spins away and I need an anchor. That is when you know what your purpose in life is. When things are bad. When the storm is worse. When you can’t find a steady footing and some how, something fights its way out and anchors you down. It’s the thing you hold on to when everything else goes down the shitter. The sad thing is, a lot of people lie about what their purpose is when things are going well. They want to come across as a saint and say that charity gives their life meaning, but the second things go bad, and I mean really bad, they aren’t focusing on charity. No they are locked in their room watching netflix. That is what happens when you lei to yourself. You end up not having a true purpose and fall back on pure comfort. A true purpose can be anything, the whole point is that it is true to you. There is no point in lying to come across as better than others because sooner or later that lie will catch up and people will either learn the truth about you, or assume you are not talented and wasted your life on a passion that you suck at.

Know what gives your life meaning. Know what truly makes you happy. Don’t ever lie to yourself about it.


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