I do not like parasites. I do not like them one bit. And this goes for all kinds. The small molecular ones and the worms inside our bodies, as well as those who live among us. The ones who walk around on the same streets as those who are on their way to work to support themselves. I hate those fuckers. They thing the world owes them something and that they’ve been wronged more than anyone else. They come in all shapes and sizes. The worst part is many of them do not even know they’re parasites or they blame the wrong people in a need to find a scapegoat.

I’ve learned that the number one weapon against a parasite is a backbone. When sharpened well enough it can stab and fend off any minuscule piece of shit that tries to bring you down. Avoid the pullers. Even those who pull you up. Because those who pull you up will surely pull you down the second you pass them. Look for the pushers. Those who will happily go down to keep you afloat. They’re rare, and even crazy. It isn’t martyrdom and it isn’t romantic from an outside perspective. But as a friend, there is nothing greater in the world than reciprocating that kind of loyalty.


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