So Just Under the Sky by R.K. Gold has finally come out and the first review is up. I plan on writing my own review once the book arrives, but if this review by Collapsed Lexicon is a sign of things to come I will not be disappointed.

You can read the original review at http://www.collapsedlexicon.com

Below is a pasted version of the Collapsed Lexicon review:

Absolutely amazing book. Enter a world and get lost in the woods. This text takes you on some crazy twists and turns but it all ties together with strong imagery, and intense allusions. There is a constant sense of tension and the reader is able to explore and learn things in a new world at the same time as the protagonist.

R.K. Gold did an amazing job at making the spectacular and supernatural seem believable. This is by most definitions a very strong magical realism text. Though unbelievable things happen you do not question why, you just follow and read eagerly, actively searching for the next plot twist.

If you want to read a cool, mystical book full of urgency, without being scared to death from horror genre thrillers, than this is the book for you. The writing is crisp, and the world is clear.

You will not regret picking up this short read.


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