People don’t really want to see changes in the world. They have too much pride for that. They talk a big game but at the end of the day they would rather name call and create a divide rather than fix the problems because it’s easier. It’s so easy to divide an argument into two sides, and simply say I am right and you are wrong. People have been doing this, well I’d like to say forever.

Instead of compromising they make jokes. When someone on the other side says something they actually agree with people feel ashamed. News flash fuckwads, admitting that you can be wrong and others can be right is not a bad thing. In fact it is the first step towards actually creating a sustainable future. We exist in a social society, therefore people with different beliefs will have to contribute. And when two opposing ideas collide, progress can either be made or destroyed.

The use of oversimplified arguments and polarizing memes, used to taunt and humiliate opponents instead of educating one another on our beliefs have furthered a divide that no one seems inclined to fill. But if we ever want to better ourselves and our existence we are going to need to admit two things, sometimes what we believe in can be wrong, and sometimes what someone we oppose believes in can be right.

It’s as simple as that. Bury your pride and fucking listen objectively. Stop turning people into caricatures, or else this conflict will never end. That is a statement of fact. Caricatures, and cartoons, are proven to never end. That’s why people still watch Looney Toons, the second you turn someone into a cartoon you solidify their immortality. Way to go dip shits, you’re perpetuating the battle.

Besides, if you really want to keep the world as a binary and not spectrum, where polar opposites battle instead of a large variety of opinions work together, then someone just needs to switch sides, be the loudest and dumbest supporter they can be, humiliate themselves, and discredit their enemy. But no one will do that. Too much pride. Who would want to bite that bullet?


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