Collapsed Lexicon has shared a few of my stories recently. It is time I return the favor. They just published an article on Pope Francis, including his policies and his recent visit to congress. I will share the link to the original article and share it below for you to read.


The original post can be found at http://www.collapsedlexicon.com/blog/pope-francis

Below is the text in its entirety. Thank you Collapsed Lexicon

How great is this new Pope? Really a stand up guy who is keeping an ancient religion on its toes and reforming its beliefs. That’s really something and I tip my hat to Pope Francis. This is a man who describes himself as a sinner, a very different approach from previous Popes who may have had a major God complex. He asks who is he to judge when talking about gay people, not completely demonizing, basically calling for people to empathize more for others. He wants to bring about a reality where life is not considered disposable. All people are created equal in his eyes and you can tell he really believes it. I mean, the guy said atheists can go to Heaven. He believes all humans have the capacity to be good.

He is also quite the press fiend. I know social media wasn’t nearly as effective during previous Pope’s tenure. Francis has taken it by storm though. It’s really creating a sense of transparency, which is really helping with his Vatican reform. It is no secret that the Catholic church has been the center of some scandals in recent history. Just two years ago Bishop Franz-Peter was labeled the Bishop of bling spending around $34 million on an estate (according to the Huffington post). Pope Francis is encouraging a more Christian lifestyle though. He is actually encouraging leaders in his faith to live more like Jesus.

But I have the most respect for Pope Francis from his speech to congress. They had to sit quietly and listen while he preached about the importance of saving our planet. Many congressmen deny global warming and climate change. Thank you Pope Francis for making them sit down and listen to the truth. It needed to be said.

If you want to hear the Pope’s full address to Congress you can do so HERE at the Washington Post website


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