The Blood Moon is fucking gorgeous and I’m so fucking happy I’m not the only fucking one who fucking thinks so. Collapsed Lexicon did a quick paragraph writeup on the Blood Moon so I thought I would too. I pasted their’s here too cause why the fuck not. We bloggers help each other out, ya got that? Yeah so this moon is fucking awesome. That red is gorgeous. The Earth is between the full moon and the sun, while the Moon is closest to the Earth. I saw it. I’m happy I did. It was a fucking good night!

Here is the Collapsed Lexicon blurb.

“It is quite a pretty sight huh? I mean the orange, the red, the yellow. It really does create quite the image in the late night sky. The world paused tonight to observe this rare event. This Supermoon. It is when the moon is closest to the Earth and is a Full moon. What makes tonight’s event special, is that the Supermoon (a full moon while the moon is closest to the earth in its orbit) is that it was also a total eclipse. The moon will be in the shadow of the Earth. This is so rare that it will not be seen again until 2033!!!!

Enjoy tonight’s Blood Moon. It is an amazing sight. One that can not be seen often. According to timeanddate.com it is the last eclipse of the year. Make a wish. I don’t know if it will actually do anything but go for it.”

Cool right?

Fucking right it’s fucking cool.


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