Sometimes I talk in circles. I know this to be true. But when I talk to myself and the wall in my room my ideas they just seem to brew. See, I know my ideas and methods are unorthodox, not worth a talk or even a damn. There are days though when I build something and it takes a lot of pacing and beating around the bush to get there. People are expecting to succeed off of the first try. That’s just the way things are now. They think that effort just once, especially if they put in 100% is good enough.

Well guess what, it’s not. Failing happens. And the sooner you realize that the better off you will be. Prepared to be fucking embarrassed, laughed at, and told to quit. And prepare to believe it too. Because guess what, you’re going to fuck up at some point. It’s the truth. People are not just haters if they’re calling you out. I fucking hate that term. It’s true sometimes people are just lazy and hate, and sometimes they’re just trying to see how mean they can be.

But it’s your job to prove them wrong and never give up. Even if it means putting 100% into something over and over again before you just get a “meh it’s okay.


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