R.K. Gold– Buffalo Author– Just Under the Sky comes out October 2nd

An indie author who I have been following for sometime now appears to be making some fucking spectacular moves! Some of you may have heard of him. He writes by the name of R.K. Gold. This proud Buffalonian has been slowly building up a loyal fan base over the past year. His collection of short stories, The Little Black Book, was fucking phenomenal and reached #7 on Kindle for short reads.


Now, with less than a month to go before his debut novella Just Under the Sky, Gold and his publishing house Weasel Press are in full force promoting this thing. I gotta fucking say that I did not fully appreciate who much this kid has grown until I saw what his accounts can do. He can fucking work a crowd, at least on social media. The kid gave a shout out to his publishers and it had almost 200 retweets in over an hour.

This sorta thing makes me happy cause this is a writer who really has been working hard to pay his dues. He has the skill. Like I said The Little Black Book is amazing and if you haven’t read it yet I highly recommend it.

Just Under the Sky looks like it could be an impressive debut. The write up on it makes it look promising.

“You are invited on a ride you’ll surely not forget. R.K. Gold brings us Just Under the Sky, a novella commenting on harsh political turmoil. Jasper and McMichaels work as journalists trying to cover up the looming food shortage happening in their village secluded in the mountains. One day, Jasper wakes up in the uncertain forest lingering by his home and from there has to find his way back through the ever changing landscape. Two friends trudge through this mystical place as they are forced to confront of the importance of their village.”

Just Under the Sky comes out October 2nd!

You can follow R.K. Gold on twitter @RKGold91

Like him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rkgoldcreations

check out his website www.rkgoldcreations.com


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