The following article was originally published on www.collapsedlexicon.com

We were given permission to republish the article here as long as we included the link to the original text.

Act Like A Writer

We get it, everyone is busy working their day jobs and writing is treated as a hobby. But let me ask you something. Why are you treating your passion as a hobby? Does that make much sense to you? No, if you want your writing to be a career, you better start treating it accordingly. You work a 9-5 and that is your job. If you want to call yourself a writer but maybe writer three times a month you aren’t even part time. You certainly are not saving up for no pension whatsoever. 

Why should you do this? Because writers feel better when they write. Think about it. It affects us the same way working out makes athletes feel. We get stronger from completing short stories and poems, and our practice is reading a novel. The best part is, you can write anywhere. It is not like a gym, or a wood shop, writing is a profession that you can find a way to sneak into your life on a daily basis. It does not matter if you work 8 hours a day, if you sleep another 8 hours that leaves you with 8 hours to do whatever you want. Fill in some of that time with writing. Go ahead, I dare you. Every day just dive in and set a goal. Aim small and meet that goal so you can build off victories instead of defeats.

Start in the morning, just see what you can get done. You don’t have to meet your daily goal. Maybe write a page during your lunch break. You can even get in a workout and still be a full time writer. My advice is, keep the television and the social media to a minimum. I know it can be tough. Both are very fun. But its a sacrifice. You don’t need to cut it out entirely, but maybe not more than 3 hour a day. Unless you want to multi-task and workout while you do it, then by all means go all out and watch 4 hours of television before you start writing for the night.

The bottom line is, if you want to be a writer, treat it like your job.

I don’t know about you, but this article speaks to me. If writing is your job you need to act like it. Actually put in the work. It is way too competitive. No one is going to want you to succeed until you prove that it’s what you want. And not only want it, but want it more than anyone else and anything else. If you want to be a writer, be a writer. Don’t talk about it. Don’t act like it outside your house but then watch netflix all day while you practice your autograph without writing. No, you put in the time.


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