The following is a really good blog post from the Collapsed Lexicon blog. Collapsed Lexicon used to be somewhat relevant to the social media writing world but they had a major fall out. I think they changed leadership at some point but I’m glad to see they are posting again because they had a lot of good material in the past. Below is the article Read More. It is, as it states, a post about how writers should focus on reading and include it in their daily lives. If you would like to read the article from its original source here is the link: http://www.collapsedlexicon.com/blog/read-more

Below is the article in its entirety:

You need to read if you are going to write. I HATE it when I hear a writer does not enjoy reading. Sorry, but I think you are in the wrong profession. This is not an easy business to make it in. You have to be really passionate and work your ass off, or bank on luck; let’s be honest some people do get really lucky; we can’t get mad at them for that, but we can’t assume the same luck will be bestowed upon us so we have to work hard.

Go to the library, or the nearest Barnes and Noble to see what is trending. Check out Amazon. Do not totally manipulate your writing to fit the market but be aware of what is out there and what is working. This is your field and you have to be an expert in it. So read. Know the classics, know the contemporaries, be able to list off a book or two you’d recommend to someone if they ask you. And make sure those recommendations are not all classics that double as school assignments. If you are telling kids to read Shakespeare or To Kill A Mockingbird, it is painfully obvious you did not read much outside of school. Again, let me reiterate, I am not saying you should not like the classics, I am just saying make sure you know some contemporaries to recommend. It will make you come across less phony and more well rounded. I am far more likely to listen to someone who can recommend Junot Diaz, Turtledove, and Shakespeare instead of Chaucer, Joyce, and Shakespeare. Unless your name starts with Dr. you most likely do not read those classics every night before going to sleep.

Bottom line, this is your field so master it. Read more. And honestly, if you think you want to try writing a certain genre, then read that genre. Get to know what is out there, master it, and write! You will be amazed how much better your writing gets when you include reading into your daily goals.


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