Sometimes I just do not know what to say and I just talk until the right words find me. It can happen with writing too, but I take my writing way more seriously than I take myself. If I look like an idiot, so be it, but if my writing looks dumb, oh fuck that’s gonna be a mess. I just need to keep getting that work out there ya know? This is probably the most boring piece of shit blog post anyone has ever read. Here take a fucking kitten video to digress for a moment.

Yeah that’s more like it. Shout out to all the people who take kitten videos. You are the true success behind the internet. You are what drives this machine forward. Without you, we would actually have to be productive. Could you imagine. That would just be terrible. I mean sitting in front of a computer and actually doing work instead of just multi tasking. Yuck. Forget that. I am not one of those bloggers who takes his site seriously enough to do that. Instead I watch Guardians of the Galaxy and fucking rant to see who actually pays attention. And those who do, you are the fucking champs! I mean wow, kudos to you. Because reading this shit is a skill.

This is us right now

Yeah training hard

or maybe we are this

Yeah more likely we are the panda.


Anyway, yeah, productivity lol. Shout out to everyone who tries.

Good for you! Keep it up!


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