HAHAHAHAHA I am mad I did not think of this idea first. R.K. Gold, author of The Little Black Book, wrote a hilarious article on the best bad reputations a person can have.

Below is the intro paragraph for you to get accustomed to what you are about to read:

Disclaimer: This is a comedy piece and does not encourage readers to behave in a manner that would earn them one of these reputations. This should be read as a satire. When it comes to social circles, networking, and outreach, first impressions can mean a lot. But before/after first impressions, a person will have to wade through your reputation. Just about everyone has one. In fact if more than a dozen people know who you are, chances are you have a reputation. Sometimes it’s good, but most people at some point in their life have had to deal with a negative connotation attached to their name. Below are a list of the five bad reputations that may not effect your professional life.

Honestly this is a hilarious quick piece. I recommend everyone fucking reads it. I almost pissed myself by the fucking end of it. Check it out NOW!!!!!


Middle Finger

Middle Finger


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