If you’re a fan of online feuds and Twitter beef you should check out this fun feud between political/sports blog Turtleboy Sports of Worcester and Buffalo Bills blog Buffalo Bruises.

The latest attack came from Buffalo Bruises in response to a post published earlier this summer by the anonymous blogger Turtleboy. Should be a fun fight. Keep your eyes peeled.

Latest post:



Where do I begin? I was planning on writing my next article about Aidan Kearney’s involvement with sexually harassing a young female Bills fans at Ralph Wilson stadium last year, you remember him? The one that turned out to be a high school teacher? The one who’s victim gave a detailed explanation of his actions?  Yeah well it turns out he’s had all sorts of excuses since then as to how he wasn’t even involved and has even claimed that I just made the whole thing up.  The problem with that is that I have the entire article that got him in so much trouble, the whole thing is saved in a pdf on my computer. Looking back at it there is definitely a reason why he took it down and never republished it. But that is a story we are going to have to wait a few more days for, because it seems there are much more pressing matters at hand. Very serious matters like molestation and the claim that I inappropriately touched Mr. Kearney in such an inappropriate way that it caused him to start a website about it.


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