I would like to start this post off by congratulation R.K. Gold for being on Kindle’s top 100 short reads for 4 straight days! Check out his pocketbook of short stories The Little Black Book.


To be yanked in two painful directions can be rather disorienting. But always lookign up is sometimes the best idea because there are stable beacons that will always point you in the right direction. but why is it when the light turns off and we feel completely lost in the void, some people swim through the darkness with absolute freedom, while others are so overcome by freedom that they are bound to a single place, too scared of what their imagination is cooking on it’s own.

Being afraid of the dark is almost like having an imagination that is too powerful and uncontrollable. Because in the dark, almost everything you fear is what you create. What you think. The thing you see t the end of your bed was put there by you.

Does anyone else wish they could be friends with a number of people they see on television. It always creates such a disappointed to look over my shoulder and see the kitchen. I get such bad whiplash from that dream world and reality. That’s why I try to work hard so I can stay in that world longer, and when I snap back to reality I will still be there.

That’s a good idea right?

-Fuck it


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