Just want to start off by congratulating my friend Kendra. Her debut erotica novel One Last Chance is doing great! Check it out here

One Last Chance

Ooof I feel terrible for England and Laura Bassett for that loss. What a tough way to go out. It’ll be a rough road to recovery and I wish nothing but the best of luck and send my best wishes to the whole team.

My mind is really all over the place. I do not know what else to say. I am just looking at the screen thinking about the upcoming elections wondering what I should write next, and wondering how I can make my writing more successful. I have broken the top 10 in Kindle before for one of the smaller categories but still in the top 10. Not bad. So what’s next for me?

Should I go on a trip? Travel as far as I can and just flip off strangers to see what kind of a rise I can get out of people. Might make Tyler Durden happy.

Should I drink some tea on the roof top of a skyscraper and spit at the heads below to see if I can actually hit anyone. And when I don’t just say I am being polite. Should I maybe just sit outside a church and drink a beer to see if Jesus has a sense of humor?

What is there to do? So much, but my head is stuck on the pillow and I am busy dreaming about the next step because who knows what will happen when I actually try again. It could workout with an infinite amount of luck in my back pocket but it’s so unlikely. Ugh. It kinda sucks. If only I had the charisma to be an actor or a musician. Or both. More ways to get lucky. I am up all night to get lucky. No not in that way.

I’ve been reading a lot of other blogs lately. There are some good ones out there. Some really entertaining ones. And of course some scary ones.

I dont know. Maybe I need to write another book. Fuck it. I should write another book. I could write a poetry book. I could always publish another one of those. That would be fun. I’m good at that. My poetry doesn’t totally suck. Does it? Fuck. Hahahahaha I rhymed fuckers.

Ugh, it’s one of those nights.

I should get to writing. That’s a good idea.

Yes, an excellent idea.

An idea indeed.

Just close my eyes and pretend the world around me doesn’t exist.

It is time to write.

Get ready. Another book of poetry is on the way.

-Fuck it

Again check out Kendra Divine’s erotica debut One Last Chance


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