The Ramones would be so fucking proud of me right now for chucking some fine ass whiskey while getting some fucking writing done. That’s write I’m a little drunk in love. Well at least drunk. Sorry Beyonce. But I am most definitely writing under the influence of alcohol and I have to say it is a fucking blast. I just feel so warm and tingly. I feel kind of numb too. It is so fucking friendly. The keyboard sounds nice. Everything is just kind. It is like what kindergarten is supposed to be like. Well not the alcohol. But the feelings. I don’t know, someone was probably drinking when I was in kindergarten. It certainly wasn’t me. Maybe the teachers were brown bagging it under the desk.

I can’t really complain about much today. It’s been a good fucking day. Read a blog that was making fun of hippies. Kinda funny since I used to be one. I respect actual hippies fighting for change but not the hippies fighting for convenience. Like the people who are just unemployed, not by choice, kinda found the lifestyle and made up a back story so people will come together. Kinda like that scene in Kick Ass 2 when Battle Guy made up his origin story so the other super heroes will like him more. But the fake hippies aren’t doing the same kind of good that those super heroes were doing.

Yeah, I respect the hippies who actually pursue social change and not just sort of do it from their computer and share links. Ugh those are the worst. The ones that would sell out in a heart beat but don’t even realize it because no one else wants it. And then there are the college hippies (like what I used to be) who think they know everything because they read the first page of the communist manifesto or follow their twitter feeds and think they’re up to date on everything in the world but don’t know about Greece and its creditors or who the fucking chancellor of Germany is (Angela Merkel.)

There are some hippies I can respect. The ones who truly believe in the cause. But the loudest ones are rarely the real ones and they turn the important causes into clown cars. All theatrics and no substance. Selfish hippies are the worst. They play the ethos cards like it’s no one’s business and take advantage of controversial situations to push their own brand as an activist. Watch the movie HITS on netflix to see what I mean. They don’t do any background searches or anything and just hope that by doing the bare minimum they will go down as heroes and activists… let’s not forget, they write poetry. Ugh, it’s always so bad too! So over the top preachy and full of cliches. It usually rhymes, which is fine, there can be good rhyming poetry, but they just write the most cookie cutter bullshit and it’s not even catchy. Writing entertaining poetry is easy and you still fail at it because you take yourself too seriously. If you write poetry you should probably read some poetry.

I guess the whole point of this post is don’t be lazy. If you are living a life style live it to the fullest. You can succeed in any medium just don’t take advantage of other people because that makes you a loser and I really don’t like losers at all.

Work hard and I respect you. Lie about working hard I don’t. If you are lazy and you rock the lazy life style, understand the consequences and don’t expect any help, then rock on. But if you are trying to do the bare minimum and live like a king, then we have a problem.

-Fuck it


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