I follow the streams of content from disgruntled college students who think that their twitter feed is the intellectual equivalent of Kafka or Chomsky. Congratulations! Laziness viewed as progress has gained a body and is walking among us. It has stolen the vessels of many young activists seeking fame through the most simple and idle passage ways.

This is a world where a twitter account, a facebook page, and a wordpress account creates a pseudo legitimacy. People actually think they have a voice. And enough people are trying to desperately cling to the ankles of an upward trajectory that they will eat it up and try to ride the speculative success for as long as they can.

It’s true. How many internet stars have popped up over night only to disappear to something more spectacular? There are competitions of who can create the most shock and awe. It is a time where Tarantino seems tame. People are striving for infamy just to be remembered. They would rather carve their names in the foreheads of the masses than go unforgotten. They either are forgetting the value of human life behind the screen of a computer or we have groomed a new generation of narcissists who truly believe that every uneducated syllable that passes their lips is more important than research.

The millennials are on their way to being the most educated generation of all time. Despite facing the highest college tuition rates, they are sending steady numbers to undergrad and graduate school. But what are these educated voices doing for us? I believe Elijah, the prophet, once cursed a town by giving them one hundred strong leaders. When asked why that was a curse he said, and I am paraphrasing, that so many strong voices obstruct one another and the system will collapse. Well, many of us know those college students who truly believe they know everything because they read the title of a book. Or they read outdated arguments to give them a basis to the foundation of theory today but speak as if they invented the concepts. Some of the strongest voices in activism are coming from college students around the country but again I have to ask what are they doing?

Yes, there are some good doers out there who are truly improving the world. But they are genuine. Educating themselves on an issue they are actually passionate about and pursuing a solution rather than vaguely stating the affairs of the world with no evidence to back their claims and no solution.

What are we to do? Other than find a cause that suits us and educate ourselves? I’d say that would be a start and probably our primary focus at this point in time. Ask yourself this question. When was the last time you read the news. Not watch MSNBC, CNN, FOX or any broadcasting stations. And certainly not Twitter and Facebook trends. I am talking about reading the actual news. When was the last time you picked up the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post? I respect the Huffington Post but reading one article a day because someone posted a link on Facebook does not count as updating your current affairs resume.

Side note: Fuck those people who talk to you when they see something to gain but have no desire to give anything back. I fucking hate them. And they ask you for favors but won’t offer you any. Or when you ask them for something similar (or the exact same thing) they asked you to do they suddenly have some moral high ground about doing the work themselves. Fuck those fuckers. You fucking suck.

-Fuck it


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