This article is quite simple really. I am giving my readers a homework assignment. Do not be scared. It is not like you can fail my class. And I promise you that if you complete this assignment it will 100% make you a better human being. Are you ready?

Do you have a Facebook account?

Do you have a Twitter account?

This works best if you have both, but if you have no desire to have one or the other that is fine you can get by using only one.

Personally I prefer using Twitter for this.

Here is your assignment. If you are using Facebook like and follow the pages of three major news sources and read at least 2 articles every day that they post on Facebook.

If you are using Twitter your assignment is similar. Instead of liking a page go to the twitter account of three major sources and follow them. Read 2 articles every day by each source.

By doing this simple homework assignment that should take you less than fifteen minutes (probably less than ten) you are becoming an educated member of society. The news, despite having a negative connotation for some reason is here to help us. Should you trust everything you read? No! Absolutely not. But refusing to read is not a proper revolution. It is accepting defeat. The way to improve the world is through education. If people were hungry for higher intellect the way they were for other arbitrary status symbols, well we would still have problems in the world but we would have the tools to get to the bottom of it and make strives towards real solutions instead of chasing our tails around waiting for answers to fall on to our lap after accidentally bumping into a tree.

Learn! Don’t be an idiot.

-Fuck it


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