When it comes to walking out into the water, not enough people enjoy the cool feeling between their toes. They would rather dump their garbage and let it float away than enjoy the sunset. Can’t people hold on to their problems and handle them instead of just dumping them into the world and hoping someone else cleans it up? Quit being so selfish! I use garbage as a metaphor because I am not talking about major issues. I am talking about what many people refer to as drama. Conflict and drama are two very different things.

I do not want to hear about your ex boyfriend on a first date. I don’t. I don’t care about the guy. The fact that you are telling me you two still talk to one another because you still care about each other as friends is a red flag so please stop complaining when I say I don’t think we should have a second date. And the excuse that he just doesn’t want you to end up with a scumbag is ludicrous. You don’t think he’s biased? Or you are? Ha that gives them the chance to literally push your life in a direction they’re comfortable with… Why the fuck should that matter? They’re your ex. They will want you to be happy as long as you aren’t as happy or more happy than they are.

Like I said in a previous post (the original author who I am quoting asked me not to give his name). Friends are a terrible luxury. They do nothing but pull you. If you have a successful friend they will pull you up with them, while keeping you beneath them at all times. And if you have a loser friend they will pull you down.

Can we all just agree to handle our own problems?

Also fuck the jesters who think they’re fucking kings. If you’re getting famous from people laughing at you, don’t be embarrassed about it. Embrace it. And don’t let it go to your head. It is so fucking annoying when a loser thinks they’re a genius because people listen and laugh.

Know who you are. Improve yourself if you want. But don’t talk the talk without walking the walk. There is a big difference between talking successful and being successful.

Also respect to those who actually get better with age like fine wine instead of just complaining about it. Getting old is a luxury that a lot of people don’t have.

-Fuck it


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