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Ugh, what to say or what to do. I am looking out the window wondering what my purpose in this life is. I have 2 fiction books published, and 2 books of poetry and still no where close to taking the first step down the long road of success always dreamed about. But dreams are a funny thing. I mean they are completely harmless and enjoyable while you lay in bed staring at the ceiling fan, but as soon as you step outside and grab the morning paper it’s time to sink or swim. Are you going to make decisions that will directly lead you down the path you wish to take or is it another day off for you to work your best at a meh job and collect a pay check.

There is nothing wrong with the second one. But I feel like we live in a time now where everyone wants to make a difference and leave behind a legacy, thanks social media. By connecting everyone to the entire world we now have to be competitive with 7 billion people instead of our city of only a few hundred thousand (maybe a million).

I do have a pet peeve though when it comes to talking to dreamers. Too many people think they’re special for having the courage to want to be famous. It’s like congrats you announced you wanted to make a difference in the world… that takes no skill or work at all. I could go down the street and announce to the world that I want to make a difference, but until I actually do something it’s all talk. I hate people who are all talk and no action. Like you want to help the world go fucking volunteer, and donate some money to charity. You can part ways with a little cash. Ugh, but you probably are going to come up with some excuse about how you need it now but when you are a wealthy fucking celebrity then you’ll give back. Well guess what, I am definitely from the camp that believes money doesn’t change you, it amplifies you. So if you are all about yourself now but just talking a big game, money will only make that personality louder and the whole world will know you are all about yourself but talk a big game.

Another thing I hate. How people will say they want to make a difference and then talk down everyone else their age. It’s like cool you’re 19 or 20 and saying how you’re so much better than everyone else your age because you have big plans… UHHHH most people your age with the resources you had growing up have big plans. And when you talk about how mature you are for your age you just sound like an immature idiot. Smart people don’t feel the need to brag about how smart they are all the time, they prove it by just being smart. Athletic people the same thing. So why do you think a mature person would feel the need to brag about being mature all the time? They don’t. If you want to prove your mature and different from everyone else, stop talking about how mature and different you are from everyone else. You might find that if you spend a little less time talking and a little more time doing, your world will change.

Which leads me to my final point of this fucking rant. Stop talking and fucking do. I am so sick of talking to people who are like “Oh it’s so cool you wrote a book, I always wanted to write one” then fucking do it! Stop talking to me about it. You trying to bond with me right now is a waste of fucking time. Get home, open your computer or notebook and fucking write. “Oh I want to help others.” Then google charities in your town or city that need volunteers, there are a lot. Or join the fucking peace corps.

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-Fuck it

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