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Bob Cover

Isn’t it amazing how impactful this man is? Tupac Shakur was only 25 years old when he was murdered in the streets of Vegas by an unknown gunman. But his legacy has been something. He is a mainstream icon who promoted a number of different cultures in one package. From West Coast rap, gang life (Thug Life), to social consciousness, systematic racism, misogyny, and the war on drugs.


He was a music super star, an actor, a poet, and an activist. Though Tupac had a number of legal issues surrounding him, today he is primarily remembered as a positive influence. Legacy can be an interesting thing. Though Tupac died in the midst of a war between the East and West, and was associated with violent criminals (his last night he and his entourage assaulted a known Crip member Orlando Anderson, he is still used as a symbol for peace and change. Don’t get me wrong, Tupac deserves the praise he is given. This is more a commentary on how legacy seems to fit what we need it to. Because for Tupac, and any other person who has passed, their legacy does not do much for them. They are either enjoying the afterlife or an eternal slumber, either way how we see them on Earth does not have any affect on their embodied existence.


But isn’t it amazing how much this 25 year old was able to accomplish? In such a short life he has been held up to a legendary status. To put this in extremely blunt terms Tupac was killed almost 20 years ago. He was only alive for 25. His legacy is less than a decade away from passing his life and shows no signs of slowing down.

So I guess the point of this blog is if you’re 25 or older and have not made a positive difference in the world, then get your act together and be more like Tupac.


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