My short book Bob is in my Head and Wants Me Dead is available for free on Kindle.

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Bob Cover

Below is a description:
It is a race to sunset for I and his companion. The voice that had snuck into his head and began ordering him around. A voice so generic yet evil that I calls it Bob. Bob gives I a mission. A very time sensitive mission in his ever repeating world. I needs to kill or be killed. Because after being trapped living through the yesterdays for every tomorrow, I is finally reaching the end. And by the end of the book I will either retire as I always planned to, or be taken out by Bob.
This is a strange scattering of words. Jumbled with meaning and off the charts. No it isn’t off the charts. It more tackled the charts, lit the charts on fire and then burned them. Bob is in my Head and Wants Me Dead is another IDK manuscript influenced heavily by his Beat Generation preferences. Try to follow. But you might need a map.
For even though the book is full of repeats, replays and pause buttons, it is still a dynamic ride. A cool calculation of chaos when the distinction between reality of others, and reality of self attempt to collide. But the senses mix like oil and water, and of course a match to set it ablaze.

Click here to get it for free!


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