By Francis Golekey

HAPPYPLACE– Lauren Sanderson disappeared in the early morning hours of June 12th. She was last seen in the garden district, just inside the village limits.

“She was insisting that someone was waiting for her in the Botanical Garden,” said Michelle Hendricks. Michelle was the last person to see Lauren. The two had gone to The Station for a few drinks and on their way home, Lauren allegedly began to act strange.

“I didn’t know what came over her,” Michelle insisted.

Lauren marks the third disappearance since the end of May.

The first and still highest profile was former Police Sergeant Bill Donovan, who was last seen May 29th at M&T Bank. Though there is much speculation that he left his family and moved away, the two subsequent disappearances leave some questions unanswered.

Several church officials of the Hakatoga County chapter, such as Proclaimer Johnson, have said these people are not victims but chosen. Though these beliefs remain to be a minority there is a growing population of those who believe these disappearances are linked to some sort of religious cleansing.

Proclaimer Johnson has come forward and said that HappyPlace is the closes human inhabited residence to the afterlife and those chosen for this cleansing will eventually return and lead us to paradise.

The mayor will address the issue of the growing number of disappearances today on the steps of City Hall.

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