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So I thought I would try something new. Go in a direction that would make my blog stand out. Because it doesn’t matter how much of a wise guy my avatar looks, this is the internet and almost every blogger out there is a wise guy who can charm your pants off (shout out Harvey Keitel a la Be Cool).

So, yes I will continue posting my sarcastic commentary on the world today. but that will not be the only dimension of this blog. You heard me right. Hold on to your jean waist bands cause this blog is about to go multi dimensional yo! Not quite like inception, though if I woke up looking like Leo I would not mind in the slightest.

Any way, the new direction this blog is going to take is going to be fake news reports and diary entries of Francis Golekey.

Francis Golekey is a reporter for the HappyPlace Courier. It is a typical metropolitan area in the northeast. But one thing stands out. HappyPlace has a crime rate of close to zero. The public is very religious and even when the number of missing people rises during the early summer months, they are convinced that the disappearances are merely a spiritual escape and those affected quite literally have gone to a happier place.

Francis Golekey is not satisfied with that answer. He was never the most religious type. Neither was his father, but at least he faked it his hole life, bless his soul. His mother however loved everything the church of Happy had done for her life and her family. So she insisted that Francis at least try and practice the faith when he was growing up. He tried his best, but it was too difficult. The scripture bored him and the rituals were too long. Francis left HappyPlace to go to school on the West Coast. After graduating he had offers to stay out there and write but his father had passed and his mother was ill, so Francis took a writing job back home with the Courier. He mostly covered events and celebrations, but the work was beginning to take it’s toll. Mostly because Francis was bored to the point of depression and longed to move back west.

After the third disappearance Francis decides it is time to investigate, and since everyone in HappyPlace, USA trusts everyone else he has no problem publishing his first few articles.

But once the public starts to stir from the reports, they do not take any safety precautions suggested by Francis. No, they begin to either hide, or target Francis as he drops further down this conspiracy’s rabbit hole.

Will Francis succeed in uncovering the mysteries of HappyPlace? Or will he merely be the next victim to disappear?

-Fuck it

-Side note, I will not be signing off with my usual “Fuck it,” line during these entries. They will either be fake news reports or diary entries by Francis Golekey.

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