Ha! Stats from PEW Research center further supporting my claim that millennials are choosing pop media as their primary source of information and then complaining about it.


How many of you have heard a kid shout out the cliche fucking line that the news needs to report real news.

Well guess what mother fuckers. The news does report real news. You just aren’t watching real news. You’re over obsessing about your fucking twitter feed and Facebook timeline.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 2.14.51 PM

Based on PEW research, 61% of millennials rely on Facebook for their political news. Are you fucking kidding me? That’s over half the population. I know that a number of millennials are still in  high school but damn! Don’t you read? At least watch MSNBC, or CNN. I don’t think they do a good job but at least then you’re guaranteed to have some credible sources.

The point of this article is showing the difference between millennials and their parents. How the baby boomers rely on local news (well over half do) and millennials rely on social media. Truth is neither of these are ideal. We live in a dynamic and connected world that is not only constantly changing, but constantly transparent. So a majority of moves by political figures have the potential to be completely exposed.

And that means if you want to stay more informed than everyone else you have to diversify. Trends can be useful, but how about going to their source. Huffington Post has a lot of fluff, but also a lot of legitimate news. So does Politico.

If you want to rely on social media for your news, don’t wait to see something trending because that is very arbitrary. It relies on what’s popular not what’s news. My advice is follow news sources on social media. Log into twitter and follow BBC international, NPR, New York Times, Wall Street Journal (pretty much the only conservative source I read) and then cater to the news you want to hear. Follow XXL or the Source if you want hip hop. Follow Rolling Stone or Vanity Fair. Follow TMZ if you want the hilarious celebrity gossip. Or just know everything and skim through the news, local, national, and international.

All of these magazine publications are staying relevant by getting involved in up to date live feeds of their medium.

So if you rely on trends, you’re only going to see what the consensus of the consumer is. Because what is trending has nothing to do with the news, but what a majority of people are actively searching. So if you want to see real news actively search what you want to read. It isn’t difficult.

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-Fuck it.

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