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Now to the post. You might be scratching your head. I mean, memes are hysterical right? I know I have used my fair share. They are a great way to taunt someone or belittle another person’s point. They also make great food for internet trolls who devour them faster than gold rings in Mario and level up twice as fast. I mean how could something like this be harmful?


Well, I’m glad you asked. Allow me to present my thesis. Memes give idiots a false sense of intelligence.

It’s really that simple. Let me illustrate a scenario for you. The 2016 presidential campaign season has already begun and many candidates have memes made up about them.

Tell me, how does this move the conversation forward? buapv8h1

I get the effort. You are trying to present a point by making it sound as simple as possible so that anyone who does not understand the message is a complete idiot. Now, I am a supporter of the affordable care act, but even I know there are some issues with it that need to be resolved.

By over simplifying the arguments we are eliminating any chance of compromise. The two fighting sides are so sure that they are absolutely right, down to a molecular level, that rather than admit faults and work towards compromise, they throw these piece of shit memes into arguments as a sort of taunt to say “if you can’t understand this you’re a fucking idiot.”

Memes have also had another problem. They have either filtered the truth by presenting a result without all of the facts, thus painting a person, country, or religion in a negative light. They have also blatantly lied at times and people believe it because it has a fucking picture with text.

This has long been a fight. Before memes it was bumperstickers. But I don’t think that bumper stickers had this same effect. For starters anyone can make a meme. It is an over saturated market. And it is becoming rather stale because people tend to just recycle the same one. Like that Michael Jackson eating popcorn one. So now, not only are people presenting these concoctions like scientific evidence, but they are also becoming too lazy to make clever new ones.

So, in the end, memes do not move a dialogue forward. They are used as over simplified insults to try and challenge the opposition’s intelligence. If you have a political stance based on a meme, you’re a fucking moron and should probably read the fucking news. This all ties in with my previous article on how people need to stop relying on Facebook and Twitter trending topics for the news and then complain about the media not covering real news. Hello! The New York Times reports real news daily! Are you that fucking lazy- ya know what never mind. I need to stay on target. Fuck.

For this upcoming election, research the candidates on your own. Fully understand their points, and look at their past. Don’t believe everything you see because it has a fucking picture on it. Some of my favorite research tools are the census bureau, when I have access to charts, PEW (which is always available), and articles in reliable sources (Huffington Post counts people. Use it. It’s free. Also Politico.)

If you were not paying attention, then whatever. You’re just a fucking idiot. If you were, stop using memes and actually use your brain. Critical thinking is a talent. Don’t belittle yours with memes.

-Fuck it


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