First let me start this with the usual if you have not purchased my collection of short stories The Nature of Pathetic please check it out HERE

Now onto the main course. Social media. Okay, for starters I hate how people fucking refer to Facebook and twitter as “the media.” These fucking know it all illiterate scum bags are the fucking worst. Talk about pseudo intellectuals who get all their information from what’s trending and acting like they’re informed.

It just bugs me when you hear the argument “the media is just blowing it out of proportion.” or “the media is plastering it all over the place. Show some real news.” Okay kiddo listen up. The media is not plastering it all over the place. The reason you think that is because the only news feed you read is the trending bar on your social media. Take for example this Caitlyn Jenner discussion. People are saying they are sick and tired of the news continuing to bring it up. Yes, it was brought up by some news sources at first, but honestly the only thing keeping this story alive now is Facebook and twitter.

I hate to break your heart kids but the New York Times is still reporting about air strikes by Saudi Arabia in Yemen. The Wall Street Journal is still discussing the recent business purchases of Verizon, the JP Morgan Guilty plea deal, and the monopoly of Russian oil in eastern europe. Politico is still concerned with the growing number of republican candidates in the 2016 elections and the continued fights between Obama and Warren. The Huffington Post’s fluff pieces are more concerned with Barcelona winning the Champions League. Buzzfeed is taking on the triple crown and Isis. MSNBC cares about the Usaama Rahim incident, and every news source is sending its condolences to Joe Biden.

So ask yourself, if you are saying the media is obsessing with Caitlyn Jenner, please take a moment it’s important that you answer this philosophical question *clears throat* let me rephrase this. How much news are you actually reading if you think the media is obsessing about Caitlyn Jenner. I mean for Christ sake are you really going to argue that TMZ is news? If you do, please do us a favor and go catch butterflies in traffic you’ll make the world a better place.

I mean holy fuck. The media is not what you see on social media. I know a growing number of people are obsessed with their computers. Over 80% of the country has a computer. Over 70 percent of internet users have a Facebook account. But these numbers do not fucking mean that social media is a credible news source. This is a platform designed to entertain you. If you want news, do what the actual educated people do and buy a newspaper on your way to work… or should I assume if you rely on Facebook for news you don’t have a job?

This is a problem I see with people today. And I am not even talking about millenials because they don’t have a monopoly on stupidity. In fact every republican candidate running in 2016 (with the exception of maybe Pataki) has this problem. The problem is that everyone wants to be an intellectual leader, but no one wants to study. So they rely on the trending headlines of entertainment platforms instead of reading actual articles. Why is it everyone suddenly thinks they’re an expert on topics like gender and sexuality when these questions have plagued philosophers for years. It’s like, people think they’re fucking experts on psychology and the human mind because they saw Freud in Bill & Ted’s excellent adventure.

Newsflash! Intellectuals became intellectuals because they fucking studied. They didn’t fake study. They didn’t fake it until they make it (which is one of the dumbest philosophies I’ve ever heard) they busted their fucking ass off. And if you’re really spending all your time on social media, do you really think you’re working hard?

I mean fuck. One of the women calling Caitlyn Jenner a science project was 40 years old and unemployed. Fucking get off the computer and get a job. Damn! Are you really in a situation to be judging anybody?

Anyway, moral of the story is if you want to know what the media actually is saying, read the news. Stop trying to sound smart if you don’t read. It’s not a flattering color on you. Read a fucking book! Start with mine. The Nature of Pathetic

As always,

-Fuck it


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