My collection of short stories The Nature of Pathetic has cracked the top 100 on Amazon
Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 10.33.33 AM
For those of you who can’t make that out. It says my book, The Nature of Pathetic is #70 in Amazon’s short read fiction section. How fucking awesome is that? I feel great!
I mean holy fucking shit do you see that? I don’t care how small the fucking category is because no matter what it’s gonna be fucking over saturated with writers. It’s fucking Amazon. They publish writers all over the world. And I am not the first fucking writer to publish a short collection of short stories. So fucking right! Top 100 baby!
Fucking A Right this is fucking awesome!
Check out the book for yourself.
You won’t be disappointed. The name alone should fucking tell you that.
-Fuck it

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