First off, if you haven’t already, you should probably start your day off by purchasing my collection of short stories The Nature of Pathetic

It is a good book because it is an honest book. Follow these worthless characters as they explore completely world altering events that no one gives a shit about. It only adds to their irrelevance. A sad existence for those desperate for a spot light and even when given an event that could shape the universe they are ignored. Oh how the silent duct taped clowns are sinking deeper into horse shit, rat poison, and cement. In all actuality this book is a funny read. You will either laugh or remain indifferent but either way take a chance on a young, up and coming, indie author and make his fucking day by spreading his fucking name.

Which is kind of ironic since my name literally represents I Don’t Know. I like the power of anonymity. I can be a voice for anyone and everyone who likes me. I could literally be 100 people running a blog through one mouth piece. How powerful are those lips huh? Think about that. I could be typing with the strength of an army but to the outside world I am just one cartoon man.

Today is just another day to be thankful. Am I right? I don’t know who to thank. I often just thank the sky. Even if the thankfulness is deflected back to the ground due to high volumes of greenhouse gasses at least Mother Earth knows how happy I am to be alive.

There are a lot of movements out there today trying to make a real difference in the world. Part of me loves that, another side of me completely despises it. It is difficult to work through all the bull shit and see who is genuine with their cause and who is seeking a spotlight. I fucking hate activists who are in it for the glory because they need to get a real job. I am not undermining the importance of protests. If a person is genuine and passionate about it they can change the world.

But a loud mouth piece who is relying on their charisma because it takes no effort is the saddest fucking thing I have ever seen. It’s fraud. But it’s worse than corporate fraud. At least those guys are competitive as fuck and rather one dimensional.

These faux activist mother fuckers are trying to dupe idealists who just want a better world. They are manipulative fuckers who charm their way out of the 9-5 and crowd surf the honest beliefs of those who are beneath them. Rather than struggle to be irrelevant, these pseudo activists rise to the top of those who struggle. They slum it for appearance sake and live like a king. And I literally mean king, because the rest of their kingdom struggles and lives impoverished while they collect the closest thing to taxes as they can.

I just hate phony people. Secret identities are fine. Even if you get into character and portray a different personality while wearing a mask I can understand that and support that. And if you are using a secret identity to push a cause or yourself, more power to you because that’s hard fucking work. You have to run multiple lives at once while some people struggle to keep their own fucking life together. But I hate the phonies. Who live one fake life to boost themselves without caring about the negative effects on others.

Again, create a secret identity and work hard to build yourself up. That’s cool. That’s fine. That’s hard work. I am bashing the people who aren’t working hard. The fuckers who do the bare minimum and rely on charming idealists. Fuck I hate them. Those smug assholes who fucking push whatever cause will get them paid because it’s easy. They don’t even fucking believe in it. What a bunch of fucking whores they are. Pimping their laziness and getting paid for it!

Let me clarify this isn’t bashing a movement. It’s bashing those who ride a movement for free room and board and then ditch for something better. Take Occupy for example. It was a powerful movement with growing potential. And a lot of college students got involved for the fun of it and fucked it up. The Occupy DC movement was a party with DJs and dancers. While some wealthy individuals helped out the protesters and fed them, others went just to have fun and to lie to themselves about helping a good cause. I’m talking about those college students who went out for a night claiming to have made a difference because they ate hot dogs with poor people and danced. But at the end of the night they went back to their homes, apartments, dorms, and slept in their comfortable beds, while the actual 99% slept in the cold because they didn’t have a home. It wasn’t a fun hobby for them. They were putting on a full display of how impoverished the rich in this country actually allowed them to get. And then you have these fake activists bragging about what a difference they made. HA! Fuck you. You’re the people I write about. The people desperately craving to corrupt a cause for your own gains.

The funny thing is, I am not just talking about leftist protestors (those are just the examples I gave). Look at some of these fucking crazy conservatives. I don’t want to name names (because I don’t want to make them any more famous than they already fucking are). But these anti-muslim protests that some people are doing just to get famous. I mean fuck you. You’re actually belittling an entire population so you can possibly run for office. Get off the television you uneducated mother fucker and stop asking for $10 million.

Just don’t be a fucking phony and the world will be a better place. Laziness is a deadly sin that doesn’t get called upon very often. Why are people more concerned with homosexuality than sloth. Sloth is one of the 7 deadly sins yet it is apparently more socially acceptable to hate someone for being gay instead of lazy. Let me tell you something, a gay person has never hurt my wallet. The LGBT community doesn’t obstruct my donations to causes that help the world. No, it’s the lazy loud mouth mother fuckers who want fame without working. Fuck them. Honestly, fuck them.

-Fuck it.


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