I am looking at all these fucking ghostwriting opportunities on freelance websites and I am impressed. There are legitimately people asking for books and only offering to pay $15-50. They are asking for stories, of about 5,000 words in length, and the most generous payment I’ve seen is $1 for 100 words. What? Are you serious? Writing is easy but it’s important to know you worth. And these ghostwriting opportunities are highway robbery.

I mean just wow.

Beware of freelance writing gigs. Make sure it’s legitimate, and then make sure you don’t undersell yourself. Because people are looking to take advantage of you. They are literally saying you won’t get any credit for it and will only be paid once (which makes sense because you’re ghostwriting). But what doesn’t make sense is that one time payment is less than a hundred dollars. I mean what the fuck? How is that remotely fair?

Beware of the freelance market. Know your worth.

-Fuck it


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